Sofia, my story.

Who is Sofia?


My real name is Sophie, and I was born in France in 1971. After, a rewarding marketing career (at Pepsi Cola then Presstalis) and an overflowing city life (more than 10 years in Paris), I decided to change my life. It is in Asia that I chose to settle in. It was like a call; The island of Bali, located in Indonesia, has responded to a second breath of life. My body needed nature and sun, my spirit, a new challenge, and my soul, the magic. Then the soul reacts ;) 


Why Bali?

I left the Occitan world rich in "intellectual knowledge" to enrich myself with a new culture that would open me to "emotional knowledge".

It had come the time, to DO LESS, and BE MORE!


But...Why Bali?

For the sweetness of his people. 

Their smiles are their most beautiful attribute.

For its generous nature. 

The vegetation is overflowing, the strength of the sun is combined with a nourishing rainy season. 

For the smells of its streets.

Incense is everywhere on your road and offerings honor the spirits.

For the colorful beauty of its Hindu ceremonies.

You attend regularly beautiful processions of Balinese who go to the temple dressed in their traditional costumes. These religious parades are bright and timeless.

Bali touched me, Bali invited me, Bali reconnected me.

This island is called the island of Gods, because it operates on you a deep and constant transformation, which leads you to more consciousness.

Here, you connect to the MAGIC of life. 

Here, you remind that everything is energy and intention.


Bali has taught me to let go, to leave the mind in its proper place, to listen more to my body and my intuition ... And gradually, I took more care of myself and naturally I wanted to take care others.

Here, everything reminds you > the BODY is sacred.

Here, everything teaches you > LOVE and gratitude.


This is how SOFIA SPA & BOUTIQUE was born and created.

If Sofia was an energy, would be: love
If Sofia was an intention, would be: kindness If Sofia was a sensation, would be: sweetness


Balinese are very believers, so religion, sharing and community life are their priorities.

The notion of Karma, impregnates their existence: "you receive the measure of what you give".

They have therefore developed a gentle and helpful nature.
Working with this people in body care is wonderful. They are related to the heart in the attention to the other.

The body knows and senses when the Heart is there, present and it can then indulge in the pleasure of being taken care of.

Everyone has the power thanks to the touch of soothing, healing or relaxing the other.

Simply connect your hands to the energy of your heart.


Why Sofia Spa? What’s special?

First of all, I wanted to create a really intimate space, inspired by the atmosphere of BALI.

Our treatment rooms are located in a traditional wooden bungalow.
It's a cocoon, where you feel good. Simplicity and elegance create a real authenticity.
Sofia only has 3 treatment rooms. A deliberate choice, we are not in the urgency of booking, we do not wish to be "a factory of the body"!

We take the time to take care of each of our customers.

To touch a body with the heart, it is necessary to have time and especially to respect those who give.

Sofia's therapists do 4/5 maximum care sessions a day.
Our care protocols are carefully studied (all facials are unique creations).

I was inspired by various techniques from around the world.

The Orient for waxing, California for massages, Europe for facials and Asia for rituals.

A tasty mix of tradition and modernity

(ultrasonic equipment, light therapy and incense for the body purification rituals)


Nuria Palma