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Intuitive Massage

A creative technique inspired by Californian massage. Experience the relaxing effects of a passive joints mobilisation with gentle stretching. this is an intuitive approach that release the mind, improves energy flow, and brings you to a state of inner peace.

60 MINUTES - 300K IDR                          

90 MINUTES  - 450K IDR


Lymphatic Drainage

A specialised drainage massage that increase lymph flow so reduce toxin, bacteria, cellular waste, and excess water in the body. Blood circulation is encouraged with this soothing and relaxing technique using gentle pressure with long, consistent, and rhythmic strokes.

60 MINUTES - 450K IDR  


4 Hands Massage

Two therapists carry out this massage in synchronisation. Their choreographed slow movements engage both hemispheres of the brain, so you are unable to follow the movements of both pairs of hands to encourage more relaxation. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who wants to get deep and legit all go.

60 MINUTES - 490K IDR  


Pregnancy Massage

There are many physiological structural, and psychological changes during pregnancy that can cause uncomfortable experiences. our therapists apply mild pressure to your muscle groups to stimulate blood flow throughout your body and to bring back the feeling of relaxation. A moment for you to share with your baby.

60 MINUTES - 490K IDR    


Quick Time Out Massage

An effective back shoulder and head massage to release stress carried on areas of the body. Relieve tensions to elevate your mood, and enjoy relaxation for the rest of your day.

30 MINUTES - 150K IDR  


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